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Manage GitHub issues inside Trello

Oversee your pull requests in Trello’s kanban view

Only needs GitHub and Trello Account
How to use Gitlo to link up GitHub issues and Trello cards.
Issue = Card. Everything in one place

Why Gitlo?

Organizing your issues into boards, making project management more efficient.

  • Kanban board

    It’s a TWO-WAY sync.

    Not only does Gitlo sync all the issues and pull requests from GitHub to Trello, all comments and changes on Trello will also be synchronized to GitHub. It sounds awesome right?

  • Product management

    Better team communication.

    Very often the engineering team relies on GitHub and the project management team relies on Trello. Synchronizing the two ensures everyone on your team is on the same page.

  • Issue management

    Manage GitHub issues visually.

    Importing GitHub issues into Trello cards means you can keep an eye on each GitHub issue and have an overview of the project in a kanban view

  • Trello API

    No installation required.

    All you need is your GitHub and Trello account. No plugins or extensions. You can stick with the native GitHub and Trello UI you love!

Meet the happy Gitlo-ers

Better communication between Engineers and Project Managers

  • Agile project management

    "Love how Gitlo helps our team focus on important tasks first."

    iOS Deveploer, Spentable

  • Github project management

    "Gitlo saves me a lot of time on back and forth communications with programmers."

    Product Manager, Pandaform

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