Q: What is Gitlo?

Gitlo is a two-way sync that connects your GitHub issues and Trello cards.

Q: Why do I need it?

Many Agile / Scrum teams find that Kanban boards work extremely well for monitoring the progress when it comes to project development and bug fixes because of the visualization. Trello and Github are known for its Kanban boards and issue tracker respectively, that’s why we built Gitlo for you to focus on managing the project, rather than overspending your time managing one of the two. Some other benefits include:

  • Better communication between Engineers and Project Managers
  • Visualize Github issues in Trello for easier task management

Q: How does Gitlo differ from Trello's Github Integration?

You can attach Github issues into a Trello Card with its integration, but you can't sync them like Gitlo.

Besides syncing issues, pull requests between Github and Trello, Gitlo also helps you track comments / status (Open/Close) / labels between these two platforms.

Your comments and changes in Trello will be synced to Github, and your comment and issue updates from Github will be synced to Trello. Doesn't it sound exciting?

Q: Does Gitlo require any installations?

No. You don't need to install anything - no extension, no client app.

Just login with your GitHub account and Trello account and you are ready to link up projects.

Q: Why does Gitlo require the Read Private Repository permission?

This permission is required to sync Issues from the private repositories. We don't need the code, and we will never touch your code.

Q: I'm still worrying about privacy. Will you read our code in private repository?

You can always set up at your integrated apps at Github's Settings

We will never peek your code. We swear. You can also read our privacy statement.

Q: Is Gitlo free?

YES. It's free for all projects under current Alpha testing. Please let your friends know if it's been helpful for you and your team.

Q: I found a bug! Where can I report?

Great job! Please send us a report here.