“Stay Safe: Know When Not to Use a Fire Pit”

When Should You Not Use a Fire Pit?

Fire pits can create a cozy atmosphere and provide warmth and comfort outdoors. But in some cases, it is not safe to use a fire pit. To make sure you are being safe and responsible when using a fire pit, it is important to understand when you should not use a fire pit.

Never operate your fire pit beneath a building overhang or in a partially enclosed space. These areas can present a fire hazard as the materials used to construct the building can ignite from the heat. Additionally, smoke and sparks can be trapped in these enclosed areas, which can increase the chance of a fire starting.

In fire-prone areas, make sure to surround the fire pit with non-combustible materials, like crushed stone, brick, or sand. This can help to keep the fire contained and can help to prevent the fire from spreading. Additionally, make sure to keep any flammable materials, like leaves and debris, away from the fire pit.

Use special caution related to overhanging trees, which can easily ignite from flying wood-fire sparks. Make sure to keep the fire pit away from trees, and pay attention to any branches or leaves that are close. If needed, trim any branches or leaves that are close to the fire in order to ensure safety.

Finally, make sure to never leave a fire pit unattended. Make sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby and that all adults present are familiar with its use. Additionally, make sure to have a water source nearby in case the fire needs to be put out quickly.

By understanding when you should not use a fire pit, you can ensure that you are being safe and responsible when using your fire pit. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings and follow the safety guidelines outlined above to help prevent any potential fire hazards.

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